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While some law firms prefer to “fight fire with fire,” Welch Law takes a difference approach, preferring to fight fire with a fire extinguisher. We strive to quickly and unequivocally close the door on the opposition before significant fees are expended in the litigation process. We endeavor to understand your business and keep in regular contact so that we are available and up–to–speed when it comes to your business needs, affording you rapid transaction guidance as well as immediate response and flexibility in emergency situations to effectively avoid litigation, and/or aggressively represent you in the courtroom when necessary.

As trial lawyers, our clients often hire us to litigate contracts that unfortunately are less than bullet proof. But as transactional attorneys, we have the benefit of learning where the pitfalls lie in the contracts we’ve seen in litigation disputes. This broad and varied background allows Welch Law to offer experienced transactional guidance. Our extensive litigation acumen guides our focused, meticulous approach to preparing contracts that safeguard client interests and anticipate those challenges that may lie ahead. This is why our clients value us so highly for our unique ability to tailor our guidance to suit each client’s specific and particular business need with an eye to maximizing their full business potential.

Although we pride ourselves as being seasoned advocates with large firm experience, we remain committed to the personal service, creativity and flexible fee structure associated with a boutique law firm. Welch Law is committed to providing solutions built on sound business judgment rather than billable-hour requirements. Your matter will never be passed off to paralegals or associates that require billing for review and re-review of their work. In fact, we offer alternate fee structures, including flat rate and contingency billing, that eliminate any incentive to overwork a file.

When it comes to our office and technology, Welch Law is a 21st century law firm that has adopted cloud-based systems and a paperless environment. Our secure network and cloud computing allows our firm to use IT systems without the need to own, support and maintain them. As a result, we have fewer disruptions and costs associated with system outages and upgrades, greater flexibility and mobility, and remote access for ease of collaboration with our clients. We regularly and seamlessly work with our clients, experts, and advisors around the world.

Welch Law offers our clients a full-service law firm that can cover all of your business needs. With fifteen years of in the trenches litigation experience, the firm’s attorneys have established a proven track record of routinely achieving outstanding results and consistent client satisfaction.

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Eddie represented me a few years back in a divorce case. The experience was painless and efficiently managed. This is an incredible accomplishment when you think of the emotion involved. His level-headed approach is as remarkable as his knowledge of the law.

Mr. Welch helped me tremendously when I was starting my business. His expertise and knowledge was really impressive and he always followed through with executing his work. He genuinely cares about his clients and will goes above and beyond to help. Highly recommend Mr. Welch!

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